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As owner of a growing business, you’ve noticed the marketing landscape is changing. And fast, too! To keep ahead, you’ll need to explore this phenomenon called ‘Social Media’. But you have no idea where to start, no time to research it and don’t even want to consider the time commitment.

Steph_Oct2009This is how Stephanie Miller, a Toronto freelance writer who specializes in business blogging and blog management, can help through MillersCraft services.

Although the complete list is much longer, here are the top 7 reasons to hire Stephanie Miller as your business blogger and manager:

  1. Results. How would you like thousands of new visitors a month to your website? Traffic to Live Lighter (my personal healthy living blog) receives:
    • An average of almost 2o,000 visits monthly.
    • Over 35,000 page views per month.
    • Ranked #1 in Google for highly competitive online health industry for keywords such as “green juice recipes,” “3 day fast,” and “green detox recipes”.
  2. Experience. For over three years I’ve been blogging (for myself and clients) and using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. This is an exciting new way to connect with people all over the world! It’s interactive media which makes it organic. Unpredictable at times, but I’ve experienced its amazing potential for both business and personal growth.
  3. Specialized honours in Psychology. The human mind and our behaviour have always fascinated me. This interest has provided valuable insights into consumer behaviour to assist in creating effective copy targeted to a specific market.
  4. Co-operative, determined and solutions-driven. We’ll be working as a team to reach your social media goals so you might like to know I’ve got a win-win attitude and believe, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”. I’m here to help you formulate a flexible plan based on my experience as a blogger, writer, online marketer and fellow business owner, and to take action on the follow through.
  5. Energetic, shining personality. I’m friendly, enthusiastic, generous, honest and personable which helps to connect with people both online and offline.
  6. Personal commitment to practicing effective communication. Is perfect understanding too lofty of a goal? I don’t think so. That’s why I’m always looking to improve my communication skills, whether it’s in writing, listening, asking the right questions or discovering the best way to talk to different people.
  7. Blogging is my passion! Blogging allows me to combine my love of writing while developing my talents, skills and past experience. Clients benefit from my personal success with my healthy living blog which I’ve just started monetizing!

You are at the cusp of an exciting adventure into the online social media world. It’s made of real people and communities from all over the world. This is a huge market with promises of growth through increasing clientele and multiple streams of income.

You can get started easily, quickly and confidently when you leverage my passion for blogging! Contact Stephanie today to discuss your company blogging needs.