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“Stephanie's writing skills have helped transform my business in so many ways! She has been key in developing and optimizing my Movies That Motivate blog content and titles for higher visibility on the internet. And her own blog has been inspiring me with optimizing my own personal health! Stephanie is clearly an expert in the technical side of blogging, writing skills and knowing what compelling content is all about!”

Emmanuel Lopez-Motivatorman
Motivational Specialist For Professionals


Stephanie has looked after my blog for over a year. I have been very impressed with her ability to research relevant material to my industry. I appreciated the quick call back when I had questions and her insight into future ideas. 

I would highly recommend Stephanie to anyone who is interested a very professional and proficient person.”

Philip Alexiu, Owner
Legal Action


“I can't say enough about Stephanie Miller. I could tell you about with her brilliance as a copywriter and her ability to share a company story with profound effectiveness and eloquence. Or I could talk about her passion and conviction to client satisfaction, but that still would not do her justice. If you are looking for a top notch business blogger, then look no further and trust that this lady will always represent your brand with the utmost integrity and honest.”

Darius Bashar, Co-Founder
Daily Challenge


I stumbled upon Live Lighter this morning and I was impressed with the amount of useful information and links your blog contains.  We've been researching holistic healing blogs to work with as we feel our clientele would greatly benefit for visiting these types of sites, particularly yours.

Rebecca, Live Lighter reader
Ace Magnetics


"Welcome Back! I missed LL so I’m glad to see you’re up & running & on top of things again with another excellent post that people can relate to like I did & already tweeted & facebooked it! Then I’m going to print it for my bulletin board to remind me how to do things better. Especially when I get frustrated ~ Take short breaks & have more fun!! Yes, I noticed the NEW Box which you added. Clever girl! BTW, I also learned that people who express thanks or gratitude are 25% happier than other people who don’t from ~ and I noticed YOU did that at the end of this post. So I appreciate that, and everything you do here for us Stephanie. THANKS!:)

Dee Turner
Live Lighter reade

"Steph, I really liked your comments on Zen Habits and am refreshed by the insight and transparency of your work. Thank you.”

"Thanks for all of the great posts, I love reading your blog (especially the smoothie recipes). Do you have any recommendations for a not-too-intense cleanse for a first-timer?

Live Lighter reader


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